Engineering Capabilities

Benchmark Secure Technology’s engineering capabilities help aerospace, defense, and industrial innovators overcome design hurdles that stand in the way of a completed system development project. Offering engineering expertise in mechanical, electrical, optical, software, reliability, and test development, we can “fill in the gaps” in any engineering project or take on the design and qualification of an entire system. Our experienced core communications and computing engineering team is backed by a global network of engineering talent, ensuring your project will be completed on time.

The customer is integral to every step in our proven, transparent quality-driven design process. Secure’s engineers use the latest computer-aided design tools and modeling software to precisely meet design goals and create rapid prototypes for challenging active and passive components and complex integrated subsystems, including the development of human-machine interactions (HMIs). They help meet budget targets using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components when available, employing Secure’s ruggedization capabilities to boost the reliability of those components even when used in the most severe environments.

Retrofitting and reverse-engineering services help remove any component obsolescence issues, with redesigned components manufactured to exceed the performance specifications and reliability of the originals. Benchmark Secure Technology’s engineering efforts help customers meet SWaP requirements, design-to-spec for systems in development, and improve the performance of legacy systems.

  • Increasing reliability of new and legacy systems
  • Integrating multiple technologies, such as data processing, digital, optical power, RF, and software with full interoperability
  • Overcoming system reliability issues through re-engineering faulty components
  • Addressing obsolescent components through product re-designs
  • Speeding system design and development
  • COTS integration with added ruggedization
  • Design modeling for mechanical and electrical parameters
  • Design qualification to military and industrial standards
  • High-speed data communications and processing, including data-over-power
  • Design-to-spec to meet or exceed performance requirements
  • Redesign and optimization for higher performance and reliability
  • Retrofitting active and passive components
  • Reverse engineering to replace obsolete components
  • System software design and development, including HMIs
  • Testing electrical and environmental parameters

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