Platforms With Trusted Expertise

Benchmark's Solutions offer flexible designs that get you the benefits of a custom product faster and at a fraction of the cost. From RF filters that match your frequency and performance specifications to sensor networks that add real-time data sensing and collection to military training, our platforms let us deliver your solution quickly without compromising on requirements.

For all of our solutions, our expert engineering and manufacturing teams work with you to customize your solution to meet your needs.

Benchmark Lark Technology

Custom filters from Benchmark Lark Technology provide custom RF filters and assemblies with exceptionally high performance at competitive prices. Lark has been a trusted partner to aerospace, defense, industrial, wireless infrastructure, and satellite communications leaders for more than three decades.

Benchmark Secure Technology

Benchmark Secure Technology lets national security technology innovators develop new systems quickly with customizable platforms for battlefield communication, surveillance, and training monitoring applications. These platforms deliver the benefits of custom ruggedized hardware with the time savings of off-the-shelf solutions.

AVEX Shock Machine landscape
AVEX Shock Machines

Benchmark's AVEX Shock Machines have been trusted by the world’s most stringent manufacturing and design companies for more than 30 years. The accurate, repeatable results from the AVEX Shock Machine are used globally for commercial, military, and aerospace applications, supported by a team of shock test experts.

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