Supply Chain Update on EMS Now with Benchmark's Mike Lucia

by Benchmark / June 20, 2023

Supply chain remains a hot topic as many parts, materials, and components remain in shortage. Navigating these supply chain constraints takes a great deal of future forecasting, planning, and strategically aligning suppliers within proximity to service providers and their customers.

Our very own Sourcing Strategy Director, Mike Lucia, knew this all too well and was asked to share his knowledge on the topics of the impact of geopolitics on the supply chain, the decreasing cost of logistics, and the trend to shorter, more regional supply chains on EMSNow in its newest episode of The Eric Miscoll Show. Alongside Hosts Eric Miscoll and Phillip Stotten, as well as TTI SVP Global Strategic Accounts, Jeff Ray, Mike dug into these topics and more.

The group focused on the challenges of the last few years and how the market is beginning to stabilize, despite some areas still seeing shortages and other challenges, developing creative solutions to dealing with and moving past continued disruptions and looking towards the future of the supply chain, the impact of AI on supply chain strategy, and so much more.

You can watch the full episode of The Eric Miscoll Show featuring Mike Lucia by clicking on the link here:

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