Benchmark CRO Rob Crawford on EMSNow's EMS@C-Level

by Benchmark / April 21, 2023

Benchmark’s Chief Revenue Officer Rob Crawford was recently invited to join EMSNow’s Philip Stoten on an episode of the publication’s video series, EMS@C-Level. Rob and Phil discussed a wide variety of topics related to the supply chain and overcoming disruption, the importance of listening to customers, evolving demand across geographic regions, and Benchmark’s expanding global footprint. One of the most interesting points of the discussion was in talking about how the economic challenges and supply chain disruptions have deepened Benchmark’s partnership with customers due to the close relationships that have been driven by these challenges we’ve overcome together. Rob also mentions that during these more challenging periods, the most successful customer relationships have been the ones that feel more like a partnership and less like a transaction.

You can watch the full discussion on, or at the publication’s YouTube channel. We hope you enjoy the insight from Rob and Phil as much as we did!

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