EMS at C-Level: Benchmark's Mike Lucia on Design for Supply Chain

by Benchmark / October 21, 2022

In the span of just a few short years, the global manufacturing industry has arguably gone through more consecutive disruptions than ever before in our collective history. In the United States, alone, we’ve weathered a trade war, a pandemic, and now, one of the toughest component shortages that most have ever witnessed in an entire generation. It has certainly felt like one disruption quickly entering on the heels of another—and it isn’t over yet. Even now, a potential economic shock lurks on the horizon, further complicating the supply chain. 

Benchmark’s Sourcing Strategy Director, Michael Lucia, recently spoke to EMSNow’s Philip Stoten about how he (and Benchmark as a whole) has learned to navigate these disruptions to mitigate as much risk as possible and keep production full steam ahead for our clients. Check out the full discussion here to learn how Michael and his team help architect their customers’ supply chain, create the most value, and minimize the risk even during these unprecedented times. 

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