Why Benchmark? Our Semiconductor Capital Equipment Value Proposition

by Shane Cavilee / December 20, 2021

One of the most significant challenges in today's technology industry is the global chip shortage. As the digital revolution charges forward, nearly all electronic system OEMs compete for the integrated circuit supply as they incorporate smart technologies into their products. Semiconductor manufacturers are evaluating the nature of capacity constraints and identifying areas of need.

Driving the industry Growth

Semiconductor manufacturers have made significant investments to increase capacity in response to the shortage challenge. reports that manufacturers worldwide will have started construction on 19 new high-volume fabs by the end of this year and will break ground on another 10 in 2022. According to the latest pandemic recovery-based research report by Technavio, the semiconductor capital equipment market will witness significant YoY growth between 2020-2024. Add the renewed focus of chip manufacturing in the North American region, and the result is a huge demand for high-quality wafer fab equipment to build these facilities. The global marketplace is in desperate need of solutions providers that have the capability, capacity, and scalability to handle full-lifecycle support, from prototype to NPI to volume production.

comprehensive capabilities

Moore's Law drives the semiconductor industry. Benchmark has invested heavily in miniaturization and nanotechnology solutions for our semi-cap customers to support OEMs pursuing parity with this phenomenon. Our team has deep expertise in critical industry requirements enabling bleeding-edge technology with industry-leading platforms. 

Our world-class semi-cap offerings include:

  • Design engineering solutions for critical subsystems
  • Electron-beam welding
  • Sheet metal and robotic frame fabrication
  • Multi-axis, large format tube laser
  • ISO Class 6, ISO 7, and ISO 8 Cleanrooms
Aligned to the Customers' Needs

There is once again strong demand for chip manufacturing in North America. The major challenge is the lack of regional engineering and manufacturing resources to support this demand. While most providers have moved production out of the U.S. to lower-cost regions, Benchmark retains one of the largest North American semi-cap engineering and manufacturing footprints, with major production facilities in California, Minnesota, Arizona, Guadalajara, and Tijuana.

Our extensive suite of manufacturing services and global footprint are closely aligned to the semiconductor industry's geographic needs. Our strategic investments in facilities, capabilities, and technologies will allow us to enhance our engineering and manufacturing solutions close to the point of consumption for the U.S., European, and Asian markets.

Benchmark is partnering with customers worldwide to design, develop, and produce high-quality, high-reliability solutions. As a trusted partner, Benchmark is well prepared and positioned to support the influx of capital equipment needed to meet the high demand for chip manufacturing.

To learn more about Benchmark and our full suite of semiconductor capital equipment capabilities, as well as the global markets we support, contact us today.

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Shane Cavilee

Shane Cavilee is a Business Development Executive on Benchmark’s Semiconductor Capital Equipment team. Throughout his extensive career in fabrication and manufacturing, Shane has held a variety of product development, production, and leadership roles that have honed his technical and business acumen. Shane is adept in partnering with original equipment manufacturers in the design and launch of complex, high-reliability devices into stringently regulated markets. While Shane currently resides in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, his tenure within Benchmark has leveraged his expertise in Penang, Malaysia where he lived and worked for several years in the company’s most vertically integrated campus.

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