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The COVID-19 pandemic and many other geopolitical and economic factors have created a volatile supply chain that is significantly disrupting materials and component lead times. In addressing this challenge, Benchmark has seen a significant increase in demand for combined supply chain and design...


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As medical device companies set their sights on staying competitive in a post-COVID world, developing connected devices stands out as a leading strategy. A recent Deloitte Insights survey identified technological advances as a top challenge, even when compared to regulatory activity and changing...


Medical Connected Devices Design & Engineering

Radical, seemingly ripped out of Star Trek medical devices continue to be released faster than ever thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and growing venture capital (VC) investment in the health sector. With this acceleration, a new dominant medical device original equipment manufacturer (OEM) structure...


Manufacturing Medical Supply Chain Design & Engineering Product Design & Launch

The more software technology like artificial intelligence extends the boundaries of what's possible, the more Benchmark finds software-focused companies choosing to join with design and manufacturing partners. As hardware and software capabilities more tightly-converge (think self-driving vehicles,...


Industrial Design & Engineering

One of the most significant challenges in today's technology industry is the global chip shortage. As the digital revolution charges forward, nearly all electronic system OEMs compete for the integrated circuit supply as they incorporate smart technologies into their products. Semiconductor...


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Benchmark has partnered with aerospace and defense providers for more than thirty years, offering engineering, manufacturing, and technology solutions that meet end-users stringent requirements for reliable advanced technology. To do this, we've developed strict processes for quality control and ...


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Is the 5G connected battlespace close to becoming a reality? How will technology work in the harsh environments of war? Read what Benchmark’s Jim Luecke, director of design engineering for the Advanced Technology Group, has to say in his article for Military Embedded Systems titled, Safely...


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Bandwidth is everything, at least for Fifth Generation (5G) cellular wireless networks. With each generation of cellular wireless networks, the number of users and their applications and devices has grown steadily, requiring more bandwidth for more communications. To meet this increased demand for...


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Benchmark Site Profile - Almelo

September 28, 2021

Almelo is a municipality in the eastern Netherlands and home to Benchmark’s hub in Western Europe. Benchmark’s Almelo site hosts our European Design Center of Innovation, which carries a proven track record of developing high-quality engineering and manufacturing services and solutions. Our Almelo...


Manufacturing Medical Connected Devices Design & Engineering Product Design & Launch Semiconductor Capital Equipment Fluid Management

Benchmark was excited to exhibit at MD&M West 2021, August 10-12, 2021, in Anaheim, California, our first in-person event since the onset of the pandemic. Cobranded with four other leading conferences in the manufacturing and engineering space, the “Design. Engineer. Build” conference theme...


Manufacturing Medical Connected Devices Microelectronics Design & Engineering Product Design & Launch About Benchmark

Military service members depend on a growing number of electronic functions, including communications, electronic warfare (EW), and radar. Defense OEMs face increasingly complex challenges in supplying solutions for these electronic functions due to an ever-increasing demand for size, weight,...


Manufacturing Defense Miniaturization RF Filters & Components Microelectronics Design & Engineering

Brian Sinclair, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Benchmark Lark Technology, shares his views on innovation in U.S. manufacturing in this month's Microwave Product Digest. He outlines how changes in consumer electronics manufacturing in the 1990's, including the rise of contract manufacturing...


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