Planning PCB Layouts for High Speed Digital Signals

by Benchmark / April 9, 2024

Electronic circuits are growing smarter while shrinking in size and processing increasingly faster digital signals. Designing printed circuit boards (PCBs) for high-speed digital (HSD) circuits is as difficult as manufacturing those circuits. But for engineers aiming for miniaturized, power-efficient HSD PCBs with excellent signal integrity (SI), Benchmark’s Mike McCulley and Zach Donathan share some of their experience and engineering skills in their article “Planning PCB Layouts for High-Speed Digital Signals” published in the latest issue of Signal Integrity Journal. 

Successful HSD PCBs require a wise choice of circuit materials and practical circuit layouts with minimal propagation delays. These circuit layouts require intelligent transmission paths with well-matched circuit junctions as digital speeds increase. Mike and Zach share some of their design secrets and thoughts on making these advanced PCBs “production ready."

Read the full article in Signal Integrity Journal.

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