Movie Monday: Up Close With Mike Buseman, EVP And COO, Benchmark

by Benchmark / April 5, 2022

In Mike Buseman's recent appearance on EMSNow, he discussed some of the diverse global factors driving a resurgence in U.S.-based electronics manufacturing. Over the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has nearly crippled a global supply chain that was once believed to be almost completely infallible. At the same time, two consecutive Presidential administrations and Congress have issued Executive Orders and passed laws to promote purchases of American-made goods with taxpayer dollars. In response to this changing environment, OEMs are diversifying their manufacturing footprint more than ever before and we’re seeing corporations across the globe make major investments in North American manufacturing.

As a leading design, engineering, manufacturing, and test solutions provider with one of America’s largest manufacturing footprints, Benchmark is uniquely suited to address customers that want to move production back to the United States. In talking with our customers and partners across the world, we also have unique insight into the factors causing this shift to American manufacturing. In an interview with EMSNow’s Eric Miscoll, our COO and EVP Mike Buseman discussed some of the diverse global factors driving this resurgence in U.S.-based electronics manufacturing.

  1. The desire to reduce the distance between production and the customer to improve supply chain resiliency and reduce time to market.
  2. The desire to reduce the distance between engineering and manufacturing to improve the speed of iteration and product quality.
  3. The gap in the cost of production between North America and Asia is closing.
  4. Responding to ESG concerns including the carbon cost of shipping across the globe, labor regulations, and more.
  5. The enhanced legal environment in North America in relation to IP protection.
  6. Changes to the Buy America and Buy American acts are incentivizing U.S. production for certain product categories.

Mike and Eric also discussed Benchmark’s strategic approach to manufacturing in the U.S. and worldwide, how organizations are overcoming supply chain disruptions, the importance of design and finding good talent, and much more. Check out Mike’s full interview on EMSNow here.

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