Meet the Benchmarkers

by Manon Houttuin / March 30, 2023

Graduates and job seekers take in the atmosphere at Benchmark Almelo

We have been excitedly waiting for the day we get to show our newly renovated Almelo site to everyone, especially to our potential new members of the Benchmark team. On April 6, we invite all potential team members to come and stop by and experience Benchmark for yourself and get a glimpse into Benchmark Almelo at our “Meet the Benchmarkers” event!

In the past two years, Benchmark Almelo has undergone an enormous transformation. Our Almelo location has been home to producing and developing high-tech products; however, the building needed to reflect that. We made sure that during this renovation, we mirrored the inside to the outside to make it into a high-tech facility truly. 


Since we've made so many changes and upgrades to the site, it's only fair that we take you behind the scenes to see what we did and meet with parts of our team to learn more about Benchmark.

So what will you be able to see on April 6? We have a lot in store for you. We'll take you into our Design Engineering department, where you can meet several talented engineers and learn about our design process. After that, you’ll be taken through the different areas of the department and shown how we use the latest design software and technologies to create cutting-edge products.

After the Design Engineering Department, we'll take you into our Manufacturing Department, where you can see how our products are manufactured and assembled. You’ll walk through the production floor, where you can see the specialized equipment we use, such as laser cutters, circuit board assembly processes, 3D printers, and more, getting a close-up look into what goes on here. Our assembly technicians and quality control team members will also be there to give insight into their roles in the Manufacturing Department.

We'll also be providing a snack and drink for everyone; all the while, you get to mix and mingle with our amazing colleagues here at Benchmark. You'll be able to meet with them individually and ask them about their careers and time at Benchmark to hear about their personal experiences. You will be able to connect with other professionals and gain valuable insight into Benchmark and the industry.


Please register for our Meet the Benchmarkers event on April 6 so you don't miss out on this fantastic experience. We currently have around 70 people registered but we still have room for more! We want to bring in everyone and anyone interested in working and learning about Benchmark on April 6.

We hope that our Meet the Benchmarkers event will give you, our potential colleague, a great insight into what it's like to work at Benchmark and help you see if Benchmark would be the place to take your next steps.

Sign up today by filling in the form! We look forward to seeing you April 6.

Benchmark Almelo will open its doors on April 6! Those interested in working for us and (almost) graduates can then taste the atmosphere and receive an extensive tour of our completely renovated building, including within Design Engineering and Manufacturing. Finally, they get the opportunity to get to know our passionate colleagues. 

about the author

Manon Houttuin

Voskamp is Technical Recruiter for Benchmark Almelo for over four years now. At the Almelo site she is responsible for Employer Branding and the coordination of recruitment activities.