Fox Business Network - Manufacturing rising in the valley

by Benchmark / July 2, 2021

Arizona’s manufacturing industry is experiencing explosive growth as we race closer and closer to the end of the pandemic. The reason for our community’s success is due to the investment our technology executives, economic development leaders, and legislators have made in Arizona to ensure it provides pro-business incentives, available land, and a quality of life that attracts high-level talent. Benchmark saw the growth potential in this region just a few years ago when we decided to move our headquarters from Texas to Tempe, Arizona. And today, we could not be more excited and prouder to be a centerpiece in this manufacturing center of America.

Recently, we had the opportunity to host Grady Trimble and the Fox Business Network, alongside one of our most influential economic development leaders, Chris Camacho, president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. Benchmark’s new advanced engineering and manufacturing facility in Phoenix became the backdrop for Fox Business to tell the story of Arizona and the Southwest region’s ascendance in the manufacturing industry.

Check out the segment that appeared live on Varney & Co on the Fox Business Network here.

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