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    Benchmark is helping our partners overcome size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) constraints while improving reliability with our expertise in electronics miniaturization design and high-precision microelectronics manufacturing. We integrate manufacturing and test considerations into the design process, leveraging industry-leading Ultra-High Density Interconnect (Ultra-HDI) circuit fabrication and microelectronics assembly capabilities to help our customers reach their SWaP-C goals for high-reliability electronics.

    Our advanced circuit manufacturing techniques expand available design options and improve reliability while enabling narrower lines and spaces, re-partitioning of boards to combine components and thin, flexible substrates for thinner multi-layer boards. We scale production using our capabilities in microelectronics, SMT and hybrid electronics in U.S.-based, ITAR registered sites, with expanded production capabilities in near shore and low-cost regional sites close to you. No matter which tools we use, the outcome is the same: a product that is optimized for how it will be used, not limited by the electronics it contains.

    When the smallest, lightest circuits are needed, Benchmark Lark Technology can produce ultra-HDI circuits with lines and spaces of less than 25 microns with up to 10+ layers and the ability to re-partition designs to reduce the number of components and increase reliability while reducing production costs.



    Advanced Microelectronics For High-Reliability Applications

    Optimized For Telecommunications

    To maximize success,  accuracy, range and speed are essential for high speed telecommunications and data streaming applications. As end-applications become smaller, the need for reliability does not decrease. Circuit and board level integration are essential to keep up with customer requirements for faster speeds and minimal losses. Benchmark design and manufacturing expertise, helps our customers shrink the footprint of their applications, to minimize losses and improve system reliability, while improving overall performance.   Whether your application is a commercial low earth orbit (LEO) satellite, requiring specialized manufacturing and test, or a terrestrial stationary or mobile communications device, Benchmark is here to help you optimize your product design, and ensure high reliability manufacturing.


    Benchmark Lark Technology used advanced circuit fabrication techniques to create surface mountable RF filters that perform up to 40GHz with a significant reduction in size and weight.

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