"Benchmark’s performance from a quality, schedule, and cost perspective has been outstanding. Iridium regards the Benchmark team as an extension of our supply chain organization and values them as a key partner who contributes to our success."

Scott Smith

COO, Iridium


High-Performance Computing

By applying the knowledge base accumulated from manufacturing supercomputers, we develop leading-edge advanced technologies, such as phototonics, high-speed copper interconnects, custom test systems, large PCBAs, thermal solutions and custom precision machining.

Data Storage

We provide OEMs with hardware system design, manufacturing and worldwide configure-to-order solutions for off-the-shelf or custom, cloud-based and on-site, mission-critical storage.

Data Centers

Data keeps today’s economy running, and data centers have to be able to feed that economy 24/7. We design and manufacture host bus adapters, switches, enclosures and rack integrations that help customers ensure their data management and performance are reliable and safe.


We have diverse capabilities and manufacturing processes to support customers who provide data access technologies, such as broadband, wired and wireless, fiber optics and radio frequency.


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