ExperT Miniaturization solutions

There is market pressure to reduce the sizing of products while increasing reliability and functionality. To accommodate this demand, industries are consistently attempting to shrink printed circuit boards (PCBs). However, the options for substrates, components and circuit trace widths available for manufacturing are reaching a plateau.

With the introduction of Lark’s miniaturization techniques, our customers can now shrink trace widths, embed bare silicon die and components within a circuit board, utilize a via in pad technique and substitute standard substrates for high-performance low-loss materials such as Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP).

By utilizing a Laser Direct Imagining (LDI) machine (one of only two that exist inside of the US) we are capable of manufacturing less than 1mil (25 micron) circuit lines and spaces. Lark also has the unique capability to fabricate 10+ circuit board layers utilizing LCP. Demand for lightweight, small PCBs to meet customer desires continues to escalate. Lark recognizes where the future is heading and offers innovative miniaturization solutions to address this widespread necessity.

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