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How Robotics and Automation are Reshaping the Economic Landscape

by Jan Janick, SVP & CTO / October 18, 2019

As the market demand continues, companies who incorporate robots into their processes will experience increased efficiency, reduced overhead, improved quality output, and overall, resulting in better-run facilities.

Benchmark CTO Jan Janick writes about broad changes to the economic landscape we can expect as robotics enter new areas of business operations.

Read the full article at the Manufacturing Technology Insights publication.

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Jan Janick, SVP & CTO

Jan Janick, SVP & CTO

Jan Janick is the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Benchmark. Jan’s extensive customer-focused career spans more than 30 years leading high-performance multicultural technology development teams at industry-leading computing systems companies. His ability to make decisions quickly and inspire teams to move at the speed of technology makes him a valued contributor to the Benchmark executive team where he leads the world-wide product realization design teams through launch into the Benchmark factories.

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