Cardiac Rhythm Management

From pacemaker programmers to emergency response defibrillators, our expertise, processes and systems can be counted on to deliver the highest reliability when reliability is really the only option. We’ve been building complex components and system-level medical devices used to save and sustain lives for decades.


Benchmark helps OEMs produce advanced neurostimulation solutions that provide relief from chronic pain, movement disorders and scenarios where drug therapy has proven ineffective. Our lifecycle capabilities – design, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, fulfillment and aftermarket support – ensure customers can reliably meet market demands.

Dialysis and Blood Management

Employing demonstrated expertise in optics, fluidics and critical testing throughout our organization, Benchmark consistently delivers the design, test, manufacturing and aftermarket support required for dialysis and blood management solutions. Our multi-disciplined approach for moving products from concept to production allows us to focus on patient outcomes while also balancing the needs for low system complexity and cost competitiveness.

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

We collaborate with some of the most creative companies and institutions in the world on next generation solutions for diagnostic testing. We incorporate the newest technologies, consistently delivering integrated systems that set the standards for performance. We also help customers expand their geographic reach by leveraging our global footprint of design centers, supply chain experts and certified manufacturing facilities.

Diagnostics Imaging

For years, the largest OEMs in medical imaging have relied on Benchmark for components and system-level solutions. Our engineers and manufacturing teams are able to integrate computers, data storage, robotics, automated systems, software and hardware, all with an eye on the latest ultrasound technologies and a sensitivity for cost control.

Lifestyle Health

The new age of personalized health care is upon us, but Benchmark has been there for years. We’ve helped numerous OEMs capitalize on this emerging market segment, already having produced millions of products, including: customized glucose meters; health and beauty devices; activity trackers; and many other device types.

ISO 13485 Certified and FDA/QSR Compliant

We have a commitment to adhere to the strictest medical industry standards around the globe. See our complete list of certifications and registrations by facility.



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