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The next generation of visual inspection tools

by Benchmark / April 27, 2020

scott-hicarMachine vision has always been oriented to have the biggest use cases in the inspection and quality assessment of fault detection processes in factories. At Benchmark, we leverage cameras and automated visual inspection capabilities of machine vision to examine circuit boards and identify any discrepancies in the placement of its components. As a result, machine vision allows us to recognize the inefficiencies in our manufacturing processes and create a continuous flow of quality, thereby enhancing the value of our final product.

A Hybrid Approach to Visual Inspection

Benchmark builds electronic products and offers maintenance for customers from a wide range of industries. As a result, we follow a hybrid product development and testing approach where we produce a customized product by utilizing our generic manufacturing equipment and leverage a customer's testing equipment to assess its quality, and vice versa. Our factories generally handle a higher number of products that are manufactured with a hybrid approach, allowing us to leverage independent software and hardware offerings to enhance our visual inspections processes. Traditionally, pure product companies set themselves on a singular and rigid direction with regard to visual inspection due to the limitations of utilizing preset software and hardware combinations. On the contrary, we expand the use of machine vision by leveraging it in our precision machining businesses for measuring tolerances and post-machining tasks. Our diverse clientele aids us in expanding the applications of machine vision by driving us to test and detect inefficiencies of a range of products tailored to the electronic, aerospace, and other industries.


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