Video Processing

Process data faster in rugged environments

Benchmark’s in-depth knowledge of intelligent networking, IoT, and advanced manufacturing systems including active alignment, assembly, and test of optoelectronic devices, makes us a trusted design, development and manufacturing partner for complex video processing equipment. We serve leading brands in a wide range of industries, from broadcast and entertainment, to military and autonomous vehicles that offer the latest innovations in video capture, processing, mixing/cutting and imaging.

With civil and corporate security concerns increasing worldwide, major cities and private enterprises continue to install video surveillance systems. These applications are often mission-critical, requiring ultra-high definition equipment that can process data faster in rugged environments and store it for fast retrieval. Benchmark offers our customers the ability to technically differentiate their solutions with these features at a lower cost to remain competitive in this growing market.

The need to electronically transmit images in digital form to provide more access to information is also increasing the demand for smaller and more powerful handheld cameras in the digital imaging market. Lark RF Technology, a Benchmark company, is leading the commercialization of liquid crystal polymer (LCP) interconnect, up to 10 times thinner than conventional circuits. This breakthrough innovation gives us the ability to design and fabricate high-speed wireless equipment with improved size, weight and power (SWaP) and zero loss in quality or value.

With end users often expressing a preference for country of origin solutions, Benchmark is ideally positioned to manufacture and ship locally, regionally or globally in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Asia.

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