When Failure
Is Not An Option

Data drives decisions everywhere, from the battlefield to off-shore oil platforms. When you develop advanced software that leverages data from multiple systems and operates in the field, off-the-shelf hardware may not meet your requirements. You need a custom solution that meets all your specifications, developed and produced in less time than you think.

When reliability is essential, and system failure is not an option, our customers have long relied on Benchmark Secure Technology for rugged computing product design and manufacturing. Our systems are deployed in ground vehicles, locomotives, and aircraft, built to last in the harshest environments on the planet.


Secure’s Mission Management Computer (MMC) and Mission Tablet Computer (MTC) platforms serve as an effective foundation for custom, ruggedized computing solutions, reducing your time to market. Platforms optimized to handle high-data applications in challenging environments and customizable to address the exact input types your system needs.

The MMC and MTC feature MIL-SPEC environmental qualifications, a powerful Intel i7 dual-core processor, and PCIe slots for expansion and adaptation to myriad mission-critical applications.

The MMC is a highly qualified, flexible MIL-SPEC multimedia computer featuring a fanless design certified for rotary-wing platforms associated with military aircraft and preferred in high-dust ground environments. With built-in high-end video processing, the MMC provides generous and configurable I/O options that support up to seven simultaneous real-time displays.

The MTC is a powerful 7-inch handheld tablet that provides data on a ruggedized, high-definition screen for the most demanding tasks. Waterproof and shockproof, the tablet features audio and video capture capabilities, a long battery life, and a cable assembly for integration with other systems.


With decades of experience in display system design and rugged tablet development, our engineering team can provide custom design solutions, test, automation, and manufacturing services. These capabilities enable us to provide competitive solutions and services in responding to a rapidly evolving display and tablet market.


The wearable computer is designed as a tactical processor and can be paired with an external handheld display (4.3” screen size). This combination can be used to host situational awareness applications. The computer can also
be used as a “headless” server in oil and gas, locomotive, security, and industrial applications.

Battle-Tested Durability.