Benchmark Secure Technology develops custom imaging systems that meet your performance, reliability, delivery, and cost goals. Whether you need a long-range precision imaging system that thrives in rough terrain and extreme weather or a lightweight system for use on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), our engineers can design a custom solution that addresses your technical challenges while meeting size, weight, power, and other design requirements. Our experience with ruggedized design gives us a broad toolkit to manage thermal management and performance requirements without fans or delicate parts that can fail in extreme environmental conditions. In addition, Benchmark's U.S. manufacturing sites allow you to take your design to scale while meeting country of origin requirements.


Situational Awareness When It Matters Most

Benchmark designs products for government customers, as well as defense, surveillance, and security OEMs. Our customers are at the center of every design. We pride ourselves on meeting technical requirements and making every product fit seamlessly into the operations of professionals in the field. Whether it be our Integrated Surveillance System (ISS), used by U.S. Border Patrol to keep America's borders safe and secure, or our new high-performance imaging system, our goal is to give professionals the situational awareness tools they need to achieve their objectives.

Camera Integration Case Study

Benchmark Secure Technology took on one surveillance customer's requirement for a high-performance imaging system that works in mobile applications in all weather conditions.

We're ready for the most rugged environments.