Secure Micro-Radio

The Battlefield-Ready,
Short-Range Solution

Benchmark Secure Technology’s Micro-Radio meets the critical need for low-probably intercept, low-probability detect (LPI/LPD) wireless connectivity that meets the most extreme size, weight, power, and cost requirements.  Bringing wireless solutions to the battlespace has been limited by the detection risks of Bluetooth and the high cost and power requirements of defense solutions. The Secure Micro-Radio module can be incorporated into a variety of defense system designs to overcome many of these challenges.

The Secure Micro-Radio is:
  • Robust, covert, and secure
  • Entirely wireless with 500 ft range
  • Seamless and scalable
  • Offers precision, GPS-denied location tracking
  • Small, low-power, and low cost
  • Mature and ready to field


Robust, Covert, Secure

While commercial standards (such as Bluetooth) are highly exploitable, the Secure Micro-Radio uses ad-hoc, multi-hop, full-mesh wireless networking for high network reliability and stability, even under dynamic conditions. The probability of interception or jamming by adversaries is very low. The waveform offers low-probability detection to maintain soldier safety.

The form factor is a small board with key components, designed to seamlessly incorporate into your system, ready for the soldier and the soldier environment. The Benchmark Secure Technology engineering team has the ability to further adapt the radio unit to various Army form factor and SWaP requirements.

Small, Low-Power, and Low-Cost

The Secure Micro-Radio is optimal for short-range wireless military applications, including those that require outfitting every soldier or deploying large numbers of sensors:

  • Squad-level communication
  • Soldier-as-a-Sensor
  • Vehicles-as-a-Sensor
  • GPS-denied location tracking
  • Smart munitions
  • Battlefield robotics
  • Headset-to-console

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