Product Development

Product Development

Benchmark delivers world-class product development design services across key industries. Our three global Development Engineering Centers use a phased approach to generate concepts, specifications, detailed designs and prototypes to develop a fully realized product, ready for manufacture. By utilizing this development approach, we are able to provide reduced time-to-market and time-to-revenue, and can quickly adapt to ever-changing market demands. Whether you choose a completely custom approach, or take advantage of an existing Reference Design platform, Industrial Design and User-Interaction teams can create user-centered product solutions for maximum acceptability by your customers.



Benchmark excels in providing automated assembly, test and packaging solutions for large, industry-leading companies. We provide equipment solutions for automated and semi-automated assembly and testing of your product. Equipment may integrate vision sensors, robotics, motion control, material handlers and different assembly methodologies. We specialize in designing advanced technology capable of working with micron-sized features, such as optical and MEMS devices (with alignment tolerances measured in nanometers).

Our engineering expertise can deliver the best automation solution for your application, including high-speed, high-precision systems to meet the most demanding of challenges. Once this equipment has been designed and proven, we can also replicate it for you and place it in your own factories, if desired.



Benchmark understands that your product design validation and time to market are dependent upon the quick turnaround of your engineering sample/prototype assemblies. We at Benchmark pride ourselves in working with your design teams and documentation at hand to provide you with the best quality assembled samples within your design cycle timeline. Often prototypes arrive in fewer than five days.

Benchmark prototype capabilities are capable of working with high levels of technology to meet your specific needs. This ranges from building your assemblies by hand from consigned part kits to complete parts procurement. We also offer complete assembly process design, development and project management services for your product development needs.



A well-designed product deserves a well-planned test strategy to ensure successful manufacturing and delivery. Testing activities follow documented procedures. Through experience, processes have been refined. We maintain certifications to relevant quality management systems and compliance to regulations to ensure we meet with each customer’s specific requirements.

Benchmark incorporates all testing best practices, including analysis, documentation, specifications, verification and reviews. A risk analysis of test requirements and designs is performed for test solutions for medical devices and other high-risk products as required. And, no project is complete without a validation process.

Development Process


One Size Does Not Fit All

If you're in the early concept stages, you can take advantage of our full Concept-to-Production approach. Our team will work close with you from the beginning of the design process—employing a flexible, phase-gate development process.

Vein finder product

Concept-to-Production Example

Benchmark provides comprehensive product design services, from initial development through volume manufacturing, in support of a revolutionary technology that created the world's first hand-held, non-contact vein finder that helps health care professionals locate veins for blood draw, IV infusion and blood donation.

bare-tester-productIf you have an existing design, our Customer-Design-to-Production model provides the assurance that your product is designed for excellence, without needing to reinvent the wheel. We look at the manufacturability, testing and potential supply chain issues every product might face, helping you address them so they don't cause issues in production or later in the product's life cycle.


Custom automated bare-board test simultaneously increased accuracy and substantially reduced inspection times.