Semiconductor Capital Equipment Solutions

Industry Knowledge

Industry Knowledge

A keen understanding of the Semi-Cap industry is critical to addressing our customers’ most unique and technically demanding products. Benchmark brings tremendous depth and breadth of industry expertise and experience to any project, including on-site support, providing collaborative DfM engagement.

As the industry evolves to ever-shrinking feature sizes, and now into vertical architecture, Benchmark has supported each development node through close collaboration with our customers to achieve rigorous precision tolerances and cleanliness requirements.

Sectors and Processes

Sectors and Processes

Benchmark has experience in nearly every sector of the Semi-Cap manufacturing process, including deposition, etch, chemical mechanical planarization, anneal, metrology and lithography.

We are an industry pioneer in solar and display applications, and are currently engaged in supporting solar wafer processing equipment.

No matter the application, sector or process, Benchmark has the ability and expertise to support your Semi-Cap needs.


Cultural Understanding

Local support for research and development and early supplier engagement are critical to ensure ready access to the necessary supplies to produce robust products at the lowest total cost. Our geographic footprint is designed to be both close to customer primary development sites and located in regions near volume production, offering the greatest total customer value.

Ongoing engagement with key customer contacts and periodic, formal reviews of technology road maps ensure that Benchmark capabilities meet customer needs for precision, materials and cleanliness.



Benchmark is adept at the critical capabilities the Semi-Cap market needs, including:

  • Technically rich individual components
  • Complex and configurable assemblies
  • Vertical integration, including machining, frames, sheet metal, cables and special processing
  • Variety of substrates, including aluminum, copper, titanium, and stainless steel forgings and castings
  • Leak check and functional testing