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Helping solve complex challenges for the next generation of telco applications is what drives us. Our clients range from testing equipment companies that need 5G testing capability  to telco product makers who are used to making product at lower frequencies and need to redesign their products. Our customers struggle to reduce size, weight and power (SWaP) or alleviate complex thermal issues. They are interested in miniaturizing electronic devices or circuit boards without losing functionality.

Lark understands the need for high-reliability in communication solutions that are complex in nature and require continuous upgrades. In addition to our deep industry experience and technical expertise, we continually bring new manufacturing capabilities online to meet our customer's changing product and technical requirements.

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Technological Expertise

Whether you have an idea that will disrupt your industry, or if you need that little extra innovative feature to re-energize a current product, you need a partner who’s at the leading edge of today’s latest technology and who’s already looking ahead and developing the technology of the future. That partner is Lark RF Technology. 
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