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Mechanical & Precision machining

The name speaks for itself when it comes to Precision Technologies. Our capabilities go above and beyond the typical “machine shop.” We extend our services to include the delivery of industry-leading, high-precision and critical tolerance metal fabrication and assembly. Whether it's building components, sub-assemblies or full module assemblies, Precision Technologies is well equipped to handle the most complex, heavy metal projects, including ones that address flatness requirements, parallelism, or parts that must hold a vacuum. 

Our expert team excels at complexity because we bring deep experience in the most highly regulated industries including aerospace and defense, medical, industrial and semiconductor capital equipment. We’re also the rare partner that can not only design and engineer a prototype, we can transition it quickly to our Accelerated Manufacturing Protocol (AMP) work center to prepare for full volume production and then shift it to any one of our global manufacturing facilities.



Precision Technologies extensive suite of in-house manufacturing capabilities allows for vertical integration of complex assemblies and modules. These services include, but are not limited, to:

  • Automated, Lights-out Machining
  • Non-Destructive Testing (FPI)
  • 5-Axis Milling
  • Turn Milling
  • High-aspect, Small-hole Drilling
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • E-beam Welding
  • Laser Welding
  • Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturing
  • Frame Fabrication
  • Powder Coating
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Special Processes

Benchmark's international strategic supply chain augments our internal capabilities to provide a full scope of sourcing and manufacturing services. This level of vertical integration enables a lower customer cost, increased agility and reduced lead times from pilot to production. 



Today's healthcare companies need partners who are prepared to invest in their success and who can deliver customized solutions to help them accelerate results. Precision Technologies meets those needs by developing solutions for the medical industry such as patient tables, MRI machines, sterilization devices, and nuclear imaging gantry systems. We focus on multi-process components, vertically integrated assemblies, large mechanical assemblies with precision machining, and large structural, mechanical assemblies used in medical facilities and hospitals.


In the industrial industry, Precision Technologies has deep expertise in large, complex, and highly configurable assemblies and modules that augments our vertically integrated services. Our core competency in high engineering content and sheet metal manufacturing also ideally positions us to be the solutions provider of choice for our customers. We lower customer cost, increase agility and reduce lead times in sub-sectors such as energy and power, additive manufacturing, and industrial testers.

Semi-Cap Equipment

Our ability to address the unique requirements of our customers stems from our expertise in the semiconductor capital equipment market. Precision Technologies has deep expertise in high precision solutions for front-end wafer processing and consumable spares. Our diverse array of capabilities covers highly complex components and vertically integrated assemblies and modules specific to the test and instrumentation industry. 

Aerospace and Defense

Precision Technologies provides leading aerospace and defense companies high-quality, complex mechanical assemblies and components for a variety of structural and communications applications. Our aerospace and defense facilities are AS9100 certified for both military and commercial applications.

Customer Engagement

The Benchmark difference is our engagement at all levels with the customer - from initial design through product realization and after market support. This engagement, from single components to complex assemblies, encompasses thousands of bill-of-material line items. We provide value-add to our customers through integration of technically challenging components into higher-level assemblies. 


Being regionally located close to our strategic partners allows Benchmark to provide local technical support and a global cost structure. Manufacturing sites located in Asia and North America provide low-cost solutions, which minimize total landed costs. Development of localized strategic supply chains and international procurement teams further enable a cost-effective model. 

Precision machining capabilities. 
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