Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

Smaller, lighter, bandpass
filters, priced to fit your
system budget.

A Sprinkle of SWaP

Benchmark Lark Technology's latest bandpass filter families offer an incredibly small, light form factor for mmWave applications up to 40 GHz. The mmWave family of filters can be customized to frequencies from 5-40 GHZ with BW of 2%-25%, making them an optimal choice for 5G mmWave fixed-wireless infrastructure, Ka/Ku band satellite systems, and a variety of defense applications.

Robust and Resilient

The mmWave family offers two product lines to choose from mmW-STL and mmW-FH. The mmW-FH filters use a substrate-integrated waveguide design that allows for narrowband designs. These filters are manufactured using PCB processes using low-loss substrates that feature top electrical performance over a wide range of temperatures. Levering PCB processes reduces NRE costs and the time required to prototype, offering the benefits of an off-the-shelf component from a custom filter design that meets your specifications.

The mmW-STL filters are based on a stripline or microstrip design for the smallest footprint for a given frequency. This design supports more traditional bandwidths of 5-20%.

Features and Benefits

  • Small size and lightweight (.25x.25x.033 in or smaller depending on frequency)
  • Easily stacked and surface mounted
  • Temperature-stable
  • Custom yet cost-effective


Data Sheets

mmW-FH Series

Bandpass Filters 5-40 GHz

These filters are ideal for narrowband wwWave applications demanding extremely small surface mount packages.

mmW-STL Series

Bandpass Filters 5-40GHz

Broadband bandpass customizable mmWave stripline filters ranging from 5 GHz to 40GHz.


Case Study: Miniaturizing RF Filters

Benchmark Lark Technology has transformed traditional radio frequency (RF) filters into small, surface mountable circuits with a significant reduction in size and weight.




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