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Meeting the size, weight, and power demands of space applications

Benchmark is a true partner to space system innovators, balancing innovative technology with decades of experience building to stringent standards and certifications.  Space applications demand high-performance electronics and RF systems that perform under extreme temperature, weight, radiation, and pressure constraints. Benchmark provides technology solutions, engineering services, and advanced manufacturing that overcome space challenges while meeting a range of certification requirements.  

Benchmark's engineering expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to work alongside customers to solve engineering and manufacturing challenges at any point in the product development and manufacturing process. From high-density interconnect circuits that optimize size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) to hybrid SMT and bare-die assemblies that meet the most stringent reliability standards, Benchmark is the partner of choice for government and commercial space applications.  

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From components and hybrid circuits to system integration

Space products must address more potential points of failure than nearly any other electronics application. Benchmark has the tools and experience to address challenges ranging from reliability predictions and radiation modeling to certification of individual commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. The company's investments in vertically-integrated design, manufacturing, and test support collaborative design and reduce risk in handoffs between functions.  

Benchmark’s advanced manufacturing capabilities and expanded design options, including 3-dimensional heterogeneous integrated (3DHI) Circuits, are designed and built using Benchmark Lark Technology’s innovative capabilities. 3DHI circuits leverage the advantages of multiple substrates as well as advanced topologies such as blind and buried vias and 25-micron lines and spaces. In particular, Benchmark Lark Technology’s unique ability to build circuits in 10+ layers using liquid crystal polymer (LCP) provides a valuable tool for lightweight circuits that are optimized for high-frequency RF applications.  

The company's vertically-integrated circuit fabrication, microelectronics assembly, and SMT assembly enable sophisticated designs such as embedded components, hybrid circuits, bare die, and other unique packaging solutions. When combined, these technologies solve SWaP-C challenges common in space applications. Benchmark also offers expert system build services for a one-partner circuit-to-LRU solution. Benchmark Lark Technology designs and builds RF systems that perform up to 110 GHz at the system, component, or circuit board level.    

To ensure reliability, Benchmark offers a wide range of functional test and environmental test capabilities critical to space applications. High-frequency RF test, active burn-in test, and more are available on-site at the company's manufacturing facilities. Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) options include vibration, temperature cycling, shock, and more. Benchmark can design tests collaboratively with customers to meet their reliability needs or implement customers’ test designs.  

Certifications are also critical to the success of space products for both commercial and government applications. Benchmark builds many products to IPC Class 3 standards, and some facilities  use IPC Class 3 as the default for all products. Experienced operators are IPC J-STD-001 certified.  

Problems solved using this capability:

  • Constrained SWaP-C parameters of space applications
  • The need for design and manufacturing that meets or exceeds high-reliability requirements

Benchmark space capabilities include:

  • Numerous options to optimize SWaP-C in materials that perform under the extreme environmental conditions of space
  • Advanced circuit fabrication for very high density interconnect circuits, including 3DHI
  • Hybrid SMT and micro-e assembly for high-reliability circuits, including embedded components and bare die placement
  • Engineering expertise in radiation modeling and analytics, reliability predictions, radiation hardening, and more
  • Extensive integrated functional and ESS test development capabilities
  • U.S.-based manufacturing to IPC Class-3 standards with IPC Class-J certified operators
Miniaturization using LCP white paper

Benchmark Lark Technology used advanced circuit fabrication techniques to create surface mountable RF filters that perform up to 40GHz with a significant reduction in size and weight.

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