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To realize the full potential of any design, expertise in system integration is essential. Benchmark Secure Technology’s engineering team excels at ensuring designs will meet all requirements and seamlessly integrate into the system by performing a series of rugged design verification and environmental qualification tests. Once a design proves to be fully capable for use within its intended environment, our services include assembly integration and cable routing.

Benchmark Secure Technology provides sensor fusion that combines data from multiple types of sensors for an application. For example, for the transportation industry, we can design a monitoring system to ensure that essential information about the vehicle's surroundings and mechanical condition is processed and available for the vehicle operator, whether it be for safety assurance, emergency response or fuel-efficiency. By combining sensory data from several sensors, the resulting information is more reliable than it would be from each individual sensor. Our expertise is complemented by the knowledge and experience of the engineers from Benchmark's IoT Solutions and Advanced Technology groups.


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