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Wireless communications are not the right solution in every use case, whether it be near an airport where signal interference risk is unacceptable, or where hazardous conditions require thick metal barriers. Benchmark Secure Technology offers expertise designing powerline networks that run Ethernet over the existing electrical systems for data over power solutions. This unique offering for military or industrial vehicles such as locomotives, helicopters or submarines allows for communication via Ethernet over installed power lines at speeds of 50-100 MBps. With this high-speed common communication link, efficiencies increase exponentially in applications including fuel optimization, electronic breaking, and other system optimization.

There are millions of capable vehicles and vessels in the field with fixed infrastructure and the cost of modifying them to take advantage of the benefits of high-speed data transfer can be impractical. Benchmark Secure Technology’s ability to bypass the need to redesign or tear down and provide data over power quickly and efficiently is an enormous benefit to our customers.

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