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RF Filters and Components

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Bandpass Filters | Notch/Lowpass/Highpass Filters | Diplexer/Multiplexer Components

Filter Design Tool
Lark Bandpass Filters
Series Description BW Fc% <100MHz 100-1000MHz 1-5GHz 5-10GHz 10-20GHz 20-30GHz 30-40GHz >40GHz
SMT Miniaturized (SWaP enablers)
LPC SMT low profile leadless cavity 10-30%
UTMS SMT Ultrathin LC 10-60%
XXUTMS SMT extreme ultrathin LC < 60%
mmW-FH SMT-substrate integrated waveguide 2-5%
mmW-STL SMT stripline PCB 10-25%
MS SMT discrete LC 2-50%
SD SMT leadless ceramic resonator 1-10%
SDP SMT high power ceramic 3-7%
SMC SMT combline 3-20%
MC SMA discrete LC 2-50%
B series SMA Combline 1-50%
C series SMA High Q cavity 0.2-3.5
WG SMA High Q cavity 1-10%
Lark Specialty Filters
Series Description <100MHz 100-1000MHz 1-5GHz 5-10GHz 10-20GHz 20-30GHz 30-40GHz >40GHz
Notch/Band Reject
SDN SMT leadless ceramic resonator
Low Pass
LSM SMT discrete LC
LMC SMA discrete LC
SS SMA suspended substrate
XSL SMA suspended substrate
High Pass
HMS SMT discrete LC
HMC SMA discrete LC
SH SMA suspended substrate
Bias Tee

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