A virtual wall of protection. An invisible layer of defense.

While threats span the globe, Benchmark has you covered with our Integrated Surveillance Solution (ISS). The Integrated Surveillance Solution puts cutting-edge surveillance, tracking, and acquisition at your fingertips, simplifying complex situational awareness challenges. Able to provide 24-hour mobile, remote, and portable surveillance across land or sea, ISS unites imaging, unattended ground sensors, drone, radar, laser ranging, remote video, GPS, and MIMO radio technologies for the most comprehensive, customized system available.



Integrated Surveillance Solution Sales Sheet

Learn more about the specifications of the components of the ISS.

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Integrated Surveillance Solution in the news

Benchmark’s Integrated Surveillance Solution now deployed to support Border Patrol in California and Texas.

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Targeted applications:

  • Prevent Border Incursions
  • Monitor Offshore Activity
  • Protect Assets and Citizens
  • Provide Event Security and Surveillance
  • Guard Sensitive Facilities
  • Deter Smuggling and Trafficking
  • Aid Search and Rescue Efforts
  • Bolster Homeland Security

Surveillance Photo Gallery

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