Power Conversion

Solutions for High Complexity Challenges

Innovation in the industrial market is driving the demand for manufacturing partners with technical expertise in the high power environment. Companies are looking for connected solutions with more sensing capabilities to enable wireless systems that provide better data analytics and more control over power infrastructure.

At Benchmark, we have invested in key facilities in Penang, Malaysia to develop a center of excellence for the high power environment to meet this demand. Our new facilities, coupled with our deep engineering experience in power conversion, have enabled our teams to excel at creating advanced solutions for high complexity challenges.

Our capabilities in the high power conversion market include:

  • Specialization in all Forms of Power Conversion Including AC/AC, AC/DC, DC/AC and DC/DC
  • Feedback Sensing and Connected Solutions for Motor Drives, Battery Chargers and Conveyor Belts
  • Expertise to Handle Large Power Requirements that Demand High Reliability
The power to accomplish your most complex challenges. 
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