Defense Solutions

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C4ISR Systems

Concurrent with the DoD’s technological superiority direction, today’s Warfighters need to be armed with the most sophisticated products. Intelligence prepares the modern Warfighter to make informed decisions and stay out of harm’s way. That requires complex, durable equipment, such as radio and satellite communication devices, sensors, night-vision products, ruggedized laptops, and RF products across the frequency range. We deliver sophisticated expertise and support.

Weapons Systems

From guidance systems for torpedoes and missiles to tracking devices, we use our engineering design and manufacturing capabilities to create high reliability products for the U.S. defense industry.

Benchmark is a reliable partner with the U.S. government, providing superior products and services, many of which are mission critical. We continually expand our unique portfolio of innovative solutions and technologies to stay in step with leading-edge weapons systems.

Ground Systems

Modern ground systems include electronic devices that require technological advances in hardware and software along with complex manufacturing and test solutions. We design and manufacture complex robotics and unarmed systems such as sensors and cameras that support the stringent specifications of our Defense contractor partners.

Defense Aviation

The modern aircraft the Defense aviator pilots are technologically superior to any prior aircraft. This requires Benchmark to have the abilities to design and manufacture electronic devices to meet the needs of our Defense contractor partners for the most advanced aircraft in the world, including the F-22 and F-35 JSF. We have a long history supporting cockpit displays, communications devices, collision avoidance systems, and aircraft sensors. Additionally, we machine a wide range of products for the airframe and power plants of the modern aircraft.

Electronic Warfare

As the modern Warfighter is faced with a growing threat from their adversaries, Benchmark partners with Defense contractors to develop ruggedized, sophisticated, next generation products to provide information and protection to the Warfighter. The Benchmark team manufactures IED jammers, radar systems, and displays so warfighters can detect, impede and engage enemy assaults.

AS9100 Certified and ITAR and DoD Compliant

Strategic sites in the Americas, Europe and Asia are certified to AS9100 as well as ITAR- and DoD-compliant facilities in key locations. See our complete list of certifications and registrations by facility.



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