Medical Devices

Navigating the medical technology regulatory landscape to get products to market quickly requires industry knowledge and foresight. Using an approach we call “Phase 0”, we conduct early design and engineering feasibility studies to identify, ‘red flag’ and resolve any potential regulatory issues.

Medical device design is part of the Benchmark DNA and a core skill set encompassing keen design, engineering and manufacturing perspectives. We have a long history as a development partner for our medical customers, executing on our customers’ goals to deliver marketable and award-winning products. Coupled with our global footprint of ISO 13485 certified facilities, Benchmark provides our customers with everything from product development to flexible volume production. Our state-of-the-art tools and regulatory experience help ensure that strict FDA requirements are met without sacrificing innovation, quality and end-customer satisfaction.


Fuel efficiency. Shorter maintenance cycles. Optimized initial costs. Lower repair and replacement costs. And don’t forget innovative, ergonomic, functional and aesthetic appeal. These are the myriad demands made by this ultra-competitive industry for the products, parts and components they engineer into their private and commercial aircraft.

Benchmark has supported the critical needs of the worldwide aerospace industry for more than a quarter-century. Strategic sites operate in the Americas, as well as in Europe and Asia, and all sites are AS9100 certified. Benchmark offers a full spectrum of services that includes: engineering development; new product introduction; test development; manufacturing assembly & testing; logistics management; and direct order fulfillment. These services enable us to provide full-program management, utilizing various functional area teams, all run through your single-point-of-contact.


It is not only the best training, preparation and leadership that produce an effective defense force; they must also be the best equipped. Your products accomplish this and help protect them by continuously researching and developing next-generation technologies; through rigorous simulation and field testing; and by building the components that go into the critical gear and support equipment necessary to make their job as safe and effective as possible in some of the world’s most challenging conditions.

Benchmark understands the sensitive nature of working with these products and has established ITAR- and DoD-compliant facilities in key locations. We also step up to the challenge of providing high-reliability production that meets or exceeds military specifications. From militarized/ruggedized product design of custom RF amplifiers and antennas and wireless and ad hoc mesh networks for secure communications to avionics and flight deck controls and displays, we have a rich history of supporting the defense and military industry.

Systems Catalog

Over time, having worked on a myriad of projects for a diverse group of companies, across a wide industry spectrum, Benchmark has amassed a number of proven technology platforms that can be easily adapted to your project. You can still benefit from leading technology and design engineering expertise, even when custom engineering and design aren't necessary.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things connects people to their surroundings. Whether at home or the office, on the factory floor, or in our vehicles; it will soon be an integral part of our lives. And Benchmark is at the forefront of adapting these technologies into current and future product offerings. 

Enabling technologies include inexpensive sensors, big data & cloud applications, RF communications including WiFi, MESH, ZigBee, NFC, Bluetooth, lower power components, battery technology and energy harvesting.

Let us help bring your Internet of Things innovation to reality.


Kiosk are enabling innovative companies to get products in front of consumers, and make it easy to purchase, in an impactful and non-disruptive way. Electronics products in airports. Prescription medicines in grocery stores. Bicycles in mid-town. And, of course, ATMs which are now virtually free-standing, full-service bank tellers. And Benchmark is a key player. We provide design, manufacturing and supply chain support to some of the world’s most innovative companies in this arena.

Reference Designs

Oftentimes it is not necessary to “re-invent the wheel”. By using our available reference designs, customers can further reduce their time-to-profit. Benchmark controls the supply chain; therefore, we stay current with designs and technologies. Whether you choose a completely custom approach or take advantage of an existing reference design platform, our award-winning industrial design and user-interaction teams create user-centered product solutions for maximum acceptability by the target market end users: your customers.


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