Developing advanced lidar systems for the next generation of AI-enabled applications isn’t easy. Neither is manufacturing those systems with high yields and consistent reliability. Benchmark has these capabilities.

Experienced Engineering and Manufacturing for Lidar Systems

Why Benchmark?

Benchmark has made investments in the capabilities that support lidar companies in design engineering and manufacturing. This includes advanced microelectronics, full system assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, and complex test development. Our global footprint, with sites located across North America, Europe, and Asia, helps you scale rapidly and meet your cost and customer proximity goals.

Engineering Experience

You don’t have time to teach your engineering and manufacturing partner about the challenges posed by lidar systems. You need a partner already up to speed on lidar technology with the expertise to help your team get to market faster. Benchmark offers engineering experience reducing the size, weight, and power requirements and cost of lidar sub-systems. We’ve developed reliable microelectronics, optics, electromechanical assembly manufacturing processes that achieve high-yields for precision lidar systems.

Low-cost Lidar in Industrial Automation

Benchmark’s design and manufacturing processes for optical technologies result in a quality solution tailored to meet each application’s specific needs and at the target cost and schedule. Our long-time partnerships with robotics and automation customers across the industrial sector also provides us unique insight into the industry.


Building Better Lidar for Autonomous Vehicles

When Ouster, a leading provider of high-resolution low-cost Lidar sensors for autonomous vehicles, robotics, security, and mapping was ready to scale production, they needed a partner with a unique combination of microelectronics, optics, printed circuit board assembly, and automated testing capabilities. Benchmark worked hand-in-hand with Ouster to develop a reliable, scalable production process using Benchmark’s global manufacturing and supply chain network.


Our Partnership with Ouster

"The majority of our manufacturing is outsourced to Benchmark Thailand to support the high volume, low-cost production of Ouster sensors while meeting major industrial quality requirements and future automotive-grade qualifications."

"We’ve been working with Benchmark since late 2017 and started building full OS sensors at their Ayudhaya facility in 2019. Together, we’ve already shipped over 14,000 sensors to customers all across the world operating in a wide spectrum of industries."

- Ouster 2022


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