Thermal management and cooling

Advanced thermal management solutions

As the world of electronics decreases in size and weight the issue of temperature management becomes more prevalent. Companies face a limited variety of options for managing temperature gradients within or around its systems, ranging from buying off-the-shelf options to designing a system with more area to achieve a desired temperature range. This complexity can lead to compromises that reduce quality and increase the size and weight of the product. When a printed circuit board (PCB) is exposed to a higher amount of heat (whether it be environmental or internally generated from components on the board) the circuit expands. With smaller wavelengths at higher frequencies, the miniature features become distorted during this expansion, causing loss of linearity, distortion and even frequency shifts, damaging the reliability and functionality of the device.

Lark RF Technology are experts in thermal management. We utilize application of advanced thermal management techniques such as utilizing thermal vias and thermal planes into advanced electronics designs.  We are also currently developing unique, proprietary thermal management solutions and disruptive technology applications to address active cooling in high-density System In Package (SIP) designs. Contact us to learn more about our innovative approaches to thermal management and our early access research programs. 

printed circuit board embedded cooling

Lark is currently developing unique printed circuit board designs with embedded cooling for temperature stabilization in a densely packed electronic environment.

By introducing this innovation, it will be possible to control the temperature of the board with a system that is significantly smaller in size and less weight than current market solutions. Contact us to learn more about embedded cooling.


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