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Access our expanding repository of resources to inspire new ideas, deepen your skill set, and gain insight into trends in your industry.  Visit this page often to view videos and download whitepapers and technical briefs. 


Our collection of videos, whitepapers and technical briefs are designed to help educate you on the latest trends in your industry and provide descriptions to common technical problems.  


As a Benchmark company, Lark is able to take advantage of Benchmark's worldwide supply chain to help solve complex customer challenges faster. Our two dedicated facilities in Phoenix and Tijuana and our network of innovation partners will also help you accelerate time-to-market. 

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With Lark's powerful manufacturing process and ability to reduce Size Weight and Power (SWaP), it is sometimes hard to explain why it's a different kind of magic. Watch some of these videos to better understand. 

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Our approach is to utilize advanced engineering to design innovative and high quality products. However, there are some electrical considerations to observe to produce the perfect filter to meet the electrical needs of your project. 

Lark RF Technology - A Different Kind of Magic
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