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Circuit Fabrication

High Speed Circuit Fabrication

Benchmark Lark Technology maintains market leadership in size, weight, and power (SWaP) reduction by applying innovative fabrication methods that achieve the industry’s smallest circuit lines and spaces. Our process is material agnostic, so we can customize our approach to each and every customer’s need and suggest the correct substrates that provide the highest performance. We can also solve a number of complex design challenges such as insertion loss, id tangent and rolled copper. Our differentiating capabilities are achieved through unique, next-gen manufacturing methods.

 Our capabilities include:

  • Circuit lines and spaces of 25 microns or less with tuned performance
  • High-frequency circuits up to 110 GHz
  • Board layers up to 10 times thinner than conventional PCBs due to thinner dielectrics
  • Material set agnostic fabrication processes and mixed material PCBs
  • Circuit board space reduction of up to 60%, with a maximum of 1/10th the original size

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