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Advanced Technology

Benchmark’s Advanced Technology Group spans our company’s complete global footprint, creating cutting edge solutions to give customers a disruptive advantage.  We accomplish this goal by pushing technological boundaries through our own original research and development agenda and our relationships with strategic partners, offering our customers a diverse set of unique solutions to meet their needs.  Some examples of our work include creating technologies to solve difficult wireless challenges and developing unique solutions that push high data rates over fixed infrastructures with data-over-power solutions. We are experts in radio solutions that meet the low probability of intercept (LPI) and low probability of detection (LPD) needs of the defense industry. We also specialize in technologies that solve communications and location challenges in GPS-denied environments.  

The Advanced Technology Group works closely to hand off technology to the Benchmark global engineering teams for productization to our customers’ requirements and for launch into our worldwide factories.


Data Over Power Solutions
  • Connect Mobile Heavy Equipment at Networking Speeds Over an Existing Power Line
  • Send Video and Data Through Existing Power Structures in Defense-type Applications
  • Factory Automation by Sending Data Through Existing Power Infrastructure, Including Sending Data Over a Power Company’s Infrastructure to Adjacent Facilities
Disruptive Wireless Solutions
  • Low Probability of Intercept (LPI), Low Probability of Detection (LPD) and Anti-jam (AJ) Compliant Solutions for Defense Requirements
  • Short (1 meter network) and Long Range (300 meter network) Solutions
  • Self-landing Solutions for Drone and Manned Aircraft
  • Ranging Capabilities for Low Power Location Assistance and Sending Sensor Data over Networks
  • Wireless Audio Communication

Research Areas

  • Collaborative Robots
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Recursive Neural Nets and Long Short-term Memory (LSTM)
  • Interconnected Drones
  • Drone Delivery
  • Intelligent Cameras and Facial Recognition
  • Smart Farms and Agriculture
  • Smart Cities
  • 5G and Low-power Wide-area Networks (LPWAN)

A History of Innovation

The Advanced Technology Group (AT) was established in 2011 to identify technology to support emerging opportunities to help grow and diversify Benchmark’s traditional EMS market approach.  AT creates commercial applications, international applications and company owned IP, including patents.  AT also identifies potential technology partnerships in new technology areas. The focus of the Advanced Technology Group is the creation of innovative and disruptive solutions to solve our customers’ toughest challenges. 


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