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Our History

Benchmark Electronics began in 1979 in Clute, Texas, specializing in low-volume, complex assembly of medical products for Intermedics. Back then, Benchmark was simply known as “Electronics, Inc.” In 1986, the company was bought out by its management, and in 1988, the word “benchmark” was added, changing the name to Benchmark Electronics, Inc., as it is known today.

Growth by Acquisition
Over the years, Benchmark grew primarily by aquisition. For instance, in 1998, Benchmark acquired Lockheed Martin Commercial Electronics Company, one of the largest EMS companies in New England. Just one year later, AVEX Electronics was aquired in the largest acquisition of its kind in the Contract Manufacturing industry at the time. The acquisition of Pemstar in 2007 represented Benchmark’s first merger with another global, publicly-traded company. Today, Benchmark is located at 19 sites around the world, in 9 different countries.

Technological Firsts
Benchmark is proud to have played a part in bringing some of the world’s most amazing technological firsts, including: the first swallowable camera for transmitting live video of its journey through the body; the first prescription medicine vending machine; the first FDA-approved drug eluting stent; the first portable Braille PDA, telephone and organizer (award-winning); the first laser-accurate, hand-held vein-finding device (award-winning); the first fully-automated, dual-ear, hand-held newborn screening device (award-winning). Other advanced products include a hand-held electrolytic, intelligent coil detachment system for cerebral aneurisms, a wearable fully-integrated fighting system for the Army, and complex board assemblies for some of the fastest computers in the world.

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