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Setting the Benchmark

As innovation in neuromodulation continues to expand the capabilities of neurostimulation technology, medical device manufacturers will be incentivized to optimize the lead interface designs they use in their new products. A change to what seems like a minor sub-assembly can make an immense...

As my first full-time job after finishing graduate school, Benchmark has given me opportunity to contribute to projects across a huge breadth of fields, ranging from high-power electric vehicle chargers, to tomorrow’s solutions for 5G wireless problems, to peer-to-peer mesh communication for...

If you go to the Benchmark website or visit a trade show booth right now, one thing you’ll have a hard time missing is our tagline “When it Matters,” which is proudly proclaimed throughout. It’s a phrase we coined, but what does it really mean? Is it just marketing jargon, or is there a deeper...

Economists largely agree that trade wars aren’t easy to win and that China and the U.S. might be in for a long fight. President Trump recently announced on Twitter that a list of items that were previously tariffed at 10%, are now increased to 25%. Additionally, the U.S. Trade Representative...

From my first day at Benchmark, I could tell that there was something special about the company. The culture is supportive, encouraging and innovative, and its leaders and team members believe strongly in collaboration. One thing that makes the company so unique is its potential. Despite being a...

With the constant ebb and flow of market demands, budgets and skilled personnel, it can be hard not to constantly worry about the pain points within engineering and manufacturing. Whether your company is just starting up, or has been creating products for centuries, Benchmark understands what...

It’s well known that a key reason Benchmark selected Tempe, Arizona for our new global headquarters is because of the outstanding engineering talent produced at ASU. In order to sustain our growth, we’re continually looking at the next generation of the technology workforce, so we partnered with...