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Looking Ahead to the Future

January 10, 2020

As we begin a new year and celebrate everything Benchmark has accomplished, it’s remarkable to note that 2019 was our 40th year in business.  As a premier innovation partner for our customers, we’ve always been laser-focused on developing solutions for their most complex challenges. Now it’s time...


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Space captures the imagination, offering new frontiers to explore and endless technological challenges to overcome. Electronics that operate in space are often cutting-edge but also need to be tough; they contend with radiation, extreme temperatures and the stress of moving from the ground...


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The Benchmark Engineering Profile is an ongoing blog feature highlighting the engineering teams located around the world. Tune in every month to read the next installment in the series. This month features our engineering team in Minnesota.


Engineering About Us

Principal Industrial Designer Daniel Dion explains how Benchmark's award-winning industrial design team develops products users love.

Industrial design combines human-centered design principles with engineering to create technology products that fit into a user's life or work process. Despite the...


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What is quality? Over time, the definition of quality has evolved from a focus on fitness for use to a focus on the customer experience. Since I started at Benchmark more than 19 years ago, one thing that I have seen consistently from the organization is a commitment to quality. November is World...


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Many conventional methods of managing heat in electronics, such as fans or liquid cooling, are fragile and aren't an option in rugged military and industrial applications. Benchmark Secure Technology specializes in these challenging applications and uses several strategies to manage heat in...


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Benchmark is a leader in delivering high-quality, turnkey automation and test solutions developed for our customers. Test Solutions are a complete custom manufacturing-ready test solution for the device, sub-assembly, or PCBA. Let's review the many terms employed when discussing electronic circuit...


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The axiom goes, "Use the right tool for the job." However, when it comes to establishing an effective, high performing supply chain, there is often far too much ambiguity and/or complexity to select the "right tool." We often don't know or haven’t identified which variables we will encounter along...


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