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Benchmark Secure Technology provides deep expertise in classified communications and data storage equipment, including those requiring COMSEC procedures. We also have the design and engineering expertise to develop electronics solutions focused on market requirements such as being smaller, lighter and using less power, all while staying in budget. We understand that complex communication systems must be reliable and configured to allow for continuous upgrades. In addition to our engineering expertise, we continually bring new manufacturing capabilities online to meet our customer's diverse product needs.


When commercial connectivity solutions like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth don't meet requirements, Benchmark Secure Technology offers a range of unique technologies to overcome connectivity limitations. Benchmark Secure Technology's expertise in data over power provides connectivity in areas where wireless communications are inhibited by physical barriers and installing data lines would be cost-prohibitive, such as ships, planes and trains. Ultra-wide band (UWB) is a good solution when signal-masking and anti-jamming are concerns, such as in law enforcement and defense applications. Benchmark Secure Technology has significant expertise using UWB for data transmission and precision location tracking, including development of UWB mesh networks. For wireless communications at high frequencies up to 140 GHz, Benchmark Lark RF Technologies offers component, antenna and circuit design to meet nearly any specification.



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Lab Tested Technology. Battle Tested Durability.
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