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Our vision is to positively impact lives by solving complex challenges with our customers, creating innovative products that no one imagined were possible.
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For more than 30 years, Benchmark Secure Technology has provided technology solutions to customers across the globe. Our solutions are built on our design, engineering, manufacturing and test capabilities. We have the expertise, qualifications and technology platforms to take on the most complex product challenges.

Benchmark Secure Technology delivers fully integrated solutions using microelectronics, optics, sensors, RF design, and GPS technologies. These high-technology solutions are used in mission-critical applications that need to operate in extreme temperatures and withstand shock and other environmental stressors. Our core competency is overcoming conflicting specifications that other engineering teams avoid, whether it be data transfer in inaccessible areas without wireless signals or high-performance imaging that can withstand off-road conditions.


Benchmark Secure Technology is a leader in building and designing ruggedized systems for the U.S. military. Our technology is designed to excel in ever-changing battlefield environments.

Computing and Communications

Benchmark Secure Technology offers deep expertise in classified communications and data storage equipment, including those requiring COMSEC procedures.


Whether our customers are building vehicles and equipment for industrial applications in the harshest environments, or developing components for surveillance imaging and tracking solutions, Benchmark Secure Technology is an expert in complexity.

Lab Tested Technology. Battle Tested Durability.
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