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    Healthcare technology companies turn to Benchmark for its unmatched engineering and design expertise to bring innovative medical devices to market. When the primary goal is managing the product lifecycle and ensuring devices are FDA compliant, ScioMed Technology, a Benchmark company, is the answer. With our specialized knowledge and product management experience, ScioMed Technology can help speed the medical device approval process and overcome regulatory hurdles to give healthcare customers a competitive edge in the United States and overseas.

    Sciomed technology capabilities


    Whether a customer is an experienced medical provider or a technology company with little to no expertise in healthcare devices, ScioMed Technology is the right full-service solutions partner. We can work through all experience levels and have the ability to handle almost any application - from temperature, activity and heart rate sensors, all the way to complex medical and optical products.  

    Complementing our technical and regulatory expertise, ScioMed Technology adheres to extensive quality standards and best practices including ISO and QSR. Healthcare customers can be secure in the knowledge that we are committed to a strong quality assurance program and have the ability to collaborate and communicate throughout the relationship on a global level.




    Creating Value for healthcare providers and patients

    ScioMed Technology’s partnership with Qualcomm Life demonstrates the benefits of working with ScioMed. ScioMed Technology leverages a healthcare product license agreement with Qualcomm to develop reference designs for Qualcomm Life’s biometric patches. The wearable patch technology is transformative in its ability to provide timely and accurate data to enable care providers to make better-informed healthcare decisions.

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