RF High Speed Design Center of Innovation

Benchmark’s RF High Speed Design Center of Innovation is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona under their subsidiary Lark RF Technology. The Design Center technology areas of focus include Next Gen RADAR, EW, Missiles, CNI, SATCOM, and highly advanced commercial applications.

Our dedicated 30,000 sq. ft. space will enable the vertical integration of design, micro-e assembly, substrate design and fabrication, and SMT plus micro-e assembly in one streamlined location.

The RF High Speed Design Center of Innovation lowers cost and accelerates development by uniting designers, manufacturers and testers into one cohesive group. Bringing our team together into one facility will shorten schedules, lower transportation costs and enhance collaboration.

New Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

The RF High Speed Design Center is the first facility in the world where customers can have access to prototyping and design services, breakthrough manufacturing processes in substrate and packaging technologies, mixed microelectronics, and complex product assembly at one location. Co-locating diverse expert teams allows unprecedented cost control, quality, speed of design, manufacturing, and testing.


  • High Speed Circuit and Substrate Design and Fabrication
  • Integrated Microwave Design and Assembly
  • Hybrid and Mixed Technologies
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Micro-electronics integration
  • Design and Testing at Millimeter Wave Frequencies
  • High volume manufacturing of RF components, filters, switches, and amplifiers

Engineering Expertise for Future Technology Challenges

The RF High Speed Design Center is ready to meet the upcoming challenges in the electronics market, from increases in hardware outsourcing to size, weight, and power (SWaP) restrictions on future commercial and military designs. The Design Center has the engineering expertise to develop proprietary solutions for packaging approaches to drive down costs and improve time to market for military and commercial customers. Our new facility and team of experts position us to support our customers and accomplish their most difficult technical challenges.


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