industrial and automotive

innovative industrial and AUTOMOTIVE solutions

By leveraging investments in a global supply chain and innovative technology building blocks, Lark and Benchmark are well-equipped to meet the needs of the modern industrial customer. Our capabilities in RF and high-speed wireless, sensor miniaturization and IoT allow our teams to excel in a wide range of industrial solutions including smart measurement, video processing, power conversion, transportation, robotics and 3D printing

The transportation and automotive applications we engineer for our customers are mission-critical. That’s why Lark  and Benchmark leverage the most advanced technology to design, manufacture and assemble systems that operate with maximum reliability in the harshest and most demanding environments. Whether our customers are building heavy mining equipment to handle excruciating deep-earth temperatures, smart railway systems to improve safety and performance, or 80-ton construction vehicles, we have the rigorous engineering skills and supply chain expertise to deliver low-cost, high-quality solutions.

 industrial capabilities

Our full-service, vertically integrated capabilities in the industrial market include:

  • Next Generation Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) Reductions 
  • Custom IoT Platforms to Enable Capabilities such as Precision Asset Tracking, Temperature Sensing and Regulatory Compliance
  • Manufacturing Robots, Motion Control and Hardware that Enables Automation
  • High-powered Applications, Test and Measurement

Technological Expertise

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