Benchmark's RF/Wireless product experience spans our global footprint, creating options for a flexible supply chain tailored to customer needs. Lark RF Technology, a division of Benchmark, provides wireless design and test system development groups are co-located with manufacturing in major geographical regions. Our extensive resource base enables successful design transfers and new product introduction for easy transition to volume production.

Lark's design process is model-centric and simulation-heavy, which addresses issues early, saving time and money when introducing new products. We work closely with customers to determine requirements, both customer-defined and Benchmark-recommended. We select components and materials based on performance requirements, and then perform rigorous modeling and simulation to analyze the best design options.

Lark RF Technology

Lark RF Technology

Established in 1986, Lark RF Technology has a history of designing and manufacturing cost-effective radio frequency (RF) solutions for the commercial, industrial, and military markets. We are a global provider of RF integration, solutions and high speed circuit design for our target customers across multiple sectors.

Markets we serve:

  • Aerospace and Defense Sensor Systems
  • RADAR, Electronic Warfare, Avionics
  • Telecommunications
  • RF Front End
  • High Speed Compute
  • Reduced and Embedded Interconnect
  • Medical and Industrial
  • Miniaturization

Lark RF Technology is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, where it has established an RF and High Speed Design Center of Innovation. Lark employs over 250 people and maintains an ITAR-approved manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico that supplies cost-effective, high quality RF solutions for our customers.