In Vitro Diagnostic Market Study

A look at the current market dynamics, key drivers, challenges, opportunities and areas for innovation.


A World of Opportunity for IVD Innovation

Around the globe, health care innovation remains a booming industry, consistently attracting the attention and imaginations of engineers and scientists who see unbridled opportunity in MedTech. Diagnostic tools, in particular, comprise a large share of the market and are omnipresent in hospitals, clinics and research facilities. Among these technologies, the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) market continues to be robust and still growing.

While the IVD market offers opportunities there are still many unknowns when it comes to regulatory compliance and reimbursement. This market study looks to address the current state of the market and how new medical technologies are adding to its growth.


Take Advantage of the Growing Market

New technology, combined with the promise of economic growth, has made the IVD market even more competitive, which is helping to further attract interest and participation from medical device manufacturers, testing labs, hospitals, health care providers and investors.