Edge Computing

Eliminate Lag Time with our Edge computing solutions

Edge computing is enabling the next generation of networking innovation. The technology uses a distributed, open IT architecture which features decentralized power, allowing data to be processed by the device, at the “edge” of the network, rather than being transmitted to a data center. What this means is that data is processed instantaneously, eliminating lag time. Its application is critical to the most significant trends in business innovation such as IoT and mobile computing. It is also a key to critical technologies such as autonomous driving.

Benchmark was an early entrant into the edge computing market, applying it to customer’s devices in complex, highly regulated markets that rely on fast, wireless data processing. Our engineers are leading the way in advancing this technology by way of our deep and extensive networking and data processing knowledge and experience. Whether we are helping to design advanced IoT infrastructure for a factory of the future or developing mobile security solutions for the military, Benchmark has the expertise to help partners reach their edge computing goals.

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